Using nano silver to treat genital tract inflammation, cervicitis or skin lesions in women –

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The present invention relates to a silver nano-gel, which consists of a silver nano-solution and a hydrogel. The silver nano-gel of the present invention may be used to treat female lower genital tract infections, cervicitis or injured skin.

Using nano silver to treat genital tract inflammation, cervicitis or skin lesions in women -

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Nano silver technology

Silver has generally been recognized for its antibacterial effect, and this is due to its oxygen therapeutic action blocking the bacterial cell wall and blocking bacterial DNA replication for its bactericidal actions. different creatures. In general, an antibiotic can kill 6 different types of bacteria, but silver can kill 600 different types of bacteria.

Silver is also a non-toxic material for tools, so the application range of silver is quite wide and has a long history. See through the high-tech nanotechnology mode, making silver particles is working to become big, antibacterial function is enhanced, and the quality of home environment and Personal Hygiene is increased significantly.

Nano silver solution containing nano-sized fine particles and dissociated silver ions have significant bactericidal effect. Nano silver all have 99.99% inhibitory effect on escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella and bacillus pyocyaneus, etc. under multiple dilution conditions.

Or can strongly attract proteic sulfydryl in the bacterial body, rapidly combine with it to reduce the enzymatic activity of antibacterial protozoa, thus producing antibacterial effect; By the slow release of silver ions, it is possible to exert a persistent antibacterial effect.

Vaginitis and cervicitis are reproductive tract infections in women with a higher incidence, and the physical and mental health of women and their relatives are significantly affected. Although there are many therapeutic products on the market, all are undesirable in terms of dosage form, method of use, therapeutic effect.

Colitis is caused by bacteria, mycete, chlamydia, mycoplasma, virus, protozoon … The source of infection from the vagina can go up to the uterine cavity, fallopian tubes, ovaries and pelvic cavity, thereby causing endometritis. endometriosis, salpingitis, salpingitis or pelvic infection of the person with acute and chronic, and chronic infection can even cause bowel obstruction and infertility except for the inflammatory symptom.

Summary of the invention of nano silver gel

Ivention proposed a silver nanogel, preferably consisting of a silver nanoparticle solution and a hydrogel with a concentration of 2 to 100ppm, where the silver nanoparticle solution and the hydrogel were homogenously mixed with a weight ratio of 1:20 to 20 : 1

In the silver nano-gel according to the present invention, the weight ratio of the nano-silver solution and the hydrogel is 1:20 to 20:1, mixed in a ratio of 1:10 to 10:1 with the best and best weight ratio is a weight ratio of 9:1.

Nano silver gel is used to treat by various routes of use when applying different infections, it can be used to treat urogenital tract infections in women (Vaginitis caused by Candida, antibacterial vaginitis, tricuspid vaginitis, senile vaginitis or mixed vaginal infections) or cervicitis (chronic cervicitis or cervical abrasion), is use on injured skin (cracks, skin trauma or burns and scalds, where chafing is tinea versicolor, tinea versicolor, acne or inflammatory acne).

The addition of various pharmaceutical additives to the silver nanogels to create and deliver a dosage form and can treat and include and promote skin growth (addition of short epidermal growth factor), antioxidants cicatrix for production (eg adding anti-cicatrix and producing bismuth subgallate preparations or natural plant extracts), treatment of chafing, scalded and burned skin wounds (interpolated aloe extract).

Description of nano silver transfer device

Figure 1 is a gel device using nano silver gel on the disease site.

Using nano silver to treat genital tract inflammation, cervicitis or skin lesions in women -

Figure 2 shows the application of silver nanogels to the propulsion column of the disease site gel device and the cylindrical shell incorporation situation of the gel device.

Explanation of common letter diagram:

10 drug delivery devices

20 device cases

30 thrust cylinders

40 elastic buttons

50 chambers

60 tight-fitting lids

70 nano silver solution

Using nano silver to treat genital tract inflammation, cervicitis or skin lesions in women -

Specific plan

The present invention provides silver nanoparticles and mixes with a hydrogel composed of a cross-linked polymer, the preparation technique and configuration ratio as follows, using silver nanoparticles coated by the manufacturer with sterilization capacity and antifungal, was published in USA 2002051823. Preparations with less than 100 nm silver nanoparticles were published in WO 03080231. Add aquesterilisa and deployed into 20ppm silver nanoparticle solution. Purchased Tegagel by 3M from re-manufacturer TM Hydrogel. The 20ppm silver nano-solution and the hydrogel are mixed in accordance with the present invention with a weight ratio of 9:1.

Before antibiotics were widely used, it was discovered that silver has antibacterial and antiseptic effects, mainly due to the encounter of microorganisms that create resistance to antibiotics, but not silver.

Nano silver used in this invention may be applied on health products, including but not limited to detergents for laundry detergents, women’s acne, pimples, toothpaste soaking solutions. , etc

It can also be applied to a hygienic medical treatment product, including but not limited to the patient’s location, site of bacterial or fungal infection (including gynecological infections which are diseases such as vaginitis (vaginitis)), bacterial infections of the gastrointestinal tract, and infectious diseases caused by people preferring wound behavior or burns and burns.

In addition, nanosilver solutions can also be applied on industrial products, including but not limited to the special preservation (especially prevention of mycete generation) disinfectants, office food and preservation techniques, the drinking water of fruits and vegetables of the food.the drinking water of the fruits and vegetables of the food.the drinking water of the fruits and vegetables of the food.

The nano-silver preparations used under the present invention have broad-spectrum antiseptic and antifungal properties, and it is able to destroy and prevent the growth of antibacterial or mycete. These antibodies or mycetes include escherichia coli (Escherichiacoli), Methicilli71-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (Staphylococcus aureus), chlamydia trachomatis (Chlamydia trachomatis), Providian bacteria (Providenciastuartii), Vibrio vulnificus (Vibrio vulnificus), pneumococcus (Vibrio vulnificus), Pneumobacillus), nitrate-negative bacilli (bacilli), Staphylococcus aureus (Staphylococcus aureus) albicans), Aerobacter cloacae (Bacillus cloacae), Bacillus allantoides (Bacillusallantoides), Morgan bacilli (Salmonella naorgani), Pseudomonasmaltophila, Pseudomonas aeruginosa (Pseudomonas) aeruginosa), gonococcus (Neisseriagonorrhoeae), bacillus subtilis (Bacillus subtilis), Bacillus foecalis alkaligenes (Bacillus foecalisalkaligenes), Streptococcus hemolyticus B (Streptococcus hemolyicus B), citric acid bacillus (Citrobacter) along with the third type of paratyphoid.

The antibacterial and antifungal properties of the nano-silver composition used in comparison to conventional antibiotics, may and may not give the advantage of conferring antibacterial or resistant mycetes.

Nano silver gel

The gel used in the present invention is from 3M Tegagel TM Hydrogel wound. This type of hydrogel is made up of cross-linked polymer, and its advantage is that it is as clear as crystalline hydrogel, can aid in moistening the wound treatment process, and is free of harmful substances. Tegagel has 95% moisture, can effectively relieve the pain of wound teleneuron, and in gel form, easy to use.

The gel used in the invention, its best mode of occupation is to provide and keep the environment moist. Since the humidity around the affected part has improved, the gel can be aided in cleaning and removing flaking or thawing. Gels can also be used. For wounds or burns and scald sites. Another advantage of the gel is that it causes injury when moving Shi Buhui into position and its submissive sensibility can improve patient compliance.

Direction of use

It is better to use it externally, using with solution, emulsion or ointment regimen. The present invention is applicable to the skin, wounds, eyes, nose or mouth for the prevention and treatment of various infections. Can be used by known methods, and one of them is with gloved hands. Other special wound treatment regimens can also be used in the affected part together. The invention provides a long-lasting antibacterial effect.

When preparations of the invention are used to treat eye infections, the preparations may be either a solution or an ointment regimen, applied to the skin of the eyes inferior to the standard regimen, or This product is made of collyrium, which is applied to eyes with standard regimen.

Where the compositions of the present invention are used for the treatment of stomatitis and including gingivitis, the compositions of the present invention may be solutions or ointments, used in the form of sponges or similar toothpastes. on one’s own. handling and infection.

Several advantages are arranged in the use of the mode of application in addition to the compositions of the present invention. Firstly, the invention does not contain any antibiotic substances that can cause discomfort to the patient. Second, the present invention cannot make antibacterial or mycete resistant to antibiotics. In addition, nanosilver for other metals, cannot be dyed on the patient’s skin or clothing.

The compositions of the present invention may be added to other common pharmaceutical additives, such as short epidermal growth factor (EGF). Short epidermal growth factor is an important auxin, and it is a peptide chain that 50-60 amino acid molecules form, and contains 6 molecules of cysteine ​​in the chain. The cystine bond that forms intermolecularly of stable cysteine ​​makes the entire peptide chain the active agent of the three ring-linked parts. Restoration of injured epidermal cells, and secretion of gastric acid, have a wide range of medicinal uses.

Short epidermal growth factor can promote human body skin epithelial cells, corneal epithelial cells and mammalian epithelial cells to grow in tissue culture. Short epidermal growth factor is also commonly applied to cosmetics, can promote the growth and reproduction of skin tissue, corneal epithelial tissue, and gastric epithelial cells, quickly recover corneal injury. membranes, protein reinforcement of epidermal cells, synthesis and cellular metabolism of RNA


  • Production method according to the embodiment of a nano silver gel

Purchased the manufacturer’s nano-Ag particles, added aquesterilisa and deployed into a 20ppm silver nanoparticle solution. Buy Tegagel by 3M from the manufacturer again TM Hydrogel. The 20ppm silver nano solution and the hydrogel were mixed with the 70 silver nanogel of the present invention. ratio 9: 1.After the silver nano gel 70 is filled to the gel device 10, the cylindrical shell of the gel device 20 and the cylindrical ejector tube 30 with jaws contact the elastic plug 40 driving joints, the tip out 50 of the device the 20 cylindrical shell gel device is covered 60 driving in accordance with the driving unit, during use the push cylinder 30 is pushed out of the 40 elastic plug, allowing the gel from the 50 disease areas to emerge out to provide to patients

  • Option of two nano silver gels to treat vaginitis and cervicitis

Hospital of Obstetrics and Gynecology applied silver nano-type antibiotic gel for external use to women to treat various vaginitis cervicitis from January to August 2003 to 2004.

1. Source of patients

2002,8 ~ 2004,1, the meter is the patient with urogenital tract infection 92 examples, vaginitis 47 examples, of which mixed infection 3 examples. Patient age is 18-51 years old, average age is 31.2 years.

2. Test material

Silver nanogels of embodiment one were prepared.

3. Diagnostic criteria

Vaginitis is diagnosed according to clinical manifestations and examination of pathogens; Cervical scratch is according to Cao Zeyi chief editor of “Chinese Obstetrics and Gynecology”, according to the corn area rot is divided into mild, moderate and severe, divided into simple type, grain pattern and process mastoid type according to surface corn rot.

4. Therapeutic Methods

After the moon, the patient used an antibacterial gel so that the gel device (see figure 1) was pushed vaginally under the toilet before going to bed every night, and 1 every night, symbolizing 6 days. and patients with cervicitis after treatment finished re-examination after 7 days.

5. Criteria for evaluating effectiveness

(a) vaginitis (including unilateral vaginitis and trigeminal vaginitis)

Recovery from illness: symptoms and signs disappear, and lymphadenopathy decreases, female sex laboratory test for lymphedema;

Reproductive efficiency: symptoms and signs are clearly better, not completely blind as yet, female sex test lymphatic lab;

Take a turn for the better: symptoms and signs abate, lymphatic lab positive (given invalid statistics);

Invalid: symptoms and signs do not improve, laboratory lymphatic test is positive.

(b) bacterial vaginosis

Post-disease recovery: symptoms and signs disappear, vaginal discharge has a pH value of < 4.5, and female sex amino acids do not show clue cells (clue cells);

Reproductive effect: symptoms and signs are clearly better but not completely resolved, and vaginal discharge pH value < 4.5 or female sex amine test shows no cytological clues;

Take a turn for the better: symptoms and signs alleviate to some extent, pH value of vaginal secretions < 4.5 or test for female sex amines, scent receptor cells ( renders the statistic invalid);

Invalid: symptoms and signs, laboratory tests of vaginal discharge, no obvious improvement.

The effectiveness percentage of cervicitis was calculated: percentage of effectiveness = (cure + effectiveness) / number of conventional treatments * 100%.

(c) cervical abrasion

Post-disease recovery: the symptoms and signs disappear, and the rot to the corn side disappears, and the cervical cervix is ​​smooth;

Production efficiency: clearly better symptoms and signs, no complete wilt, rot to 1/2 corn area, moderate to heavy, moderate to light;

Efficacy: symptoms and signs move to a better stage, not completely resolved and rot to and and 1/2 , or mastoid process is converted to granules, granules are converted simple form;

Invalid: symptoms and signs do not improve, rot to corn area unchanged.

Effective percentage = (cure + effect + effect) / number of usual treatments * 100%.

(d) react inappropriately

Attention should be paid to non-standard reactions during treatment, and to non-standard reactions that have been profiled.

6. Test

(a) vaginitis

In 47 cases of periodical vaginitis, 38 cases were cured, the cure rate was 80.9%; 7 regular production efficiency, total efficiency rate 95.7%, see table 1 for details.

Table 1. Effect of silver nano antibacterial gel in the treatment of women’s vagina

Types Amount Rehibilitate Visible effect Other Illegal Effective
Number of cases %
Vaginitis caused by Candida fungus 20 16 80 3 1 0 95%
Bacterial vaginosis 16 13 81.3 2 1 0 93,8%
Vaginitis caused by Trichomonas 11 9 81.8 2 0 0 100%
Total 47 38 80.9 7 2 0 95.7%

(b) cervicitis

In 42 cases of cervical scratching, 15 mild cases, effective percentage 93.3%; Moderate 17 cases, effective rate 82.4%; 10 severe cases, 80% effective rate; Total efficiency rate 85.7% see table 2 for details.

Types Amount Rehibilitate Visible effect Effectual Illegal Effective
mild case 15 12 2 0 1 93.3%
mild case 17 3 10 1 3 82.4%
severe case 10 2 4 2 2 80%
Total 42 17 16 3 6 85.7%

(c) mixed infection

Observed in the case, there are 3 examples of mixed infection, of which 1 example has bacterial vaginosis, trigeminal vaginitis, moderate cervical abrasion. After 6 days of treatment, 1 course of treatment, bacterial vaginosis produces an effect, and bacterial vaginosis is cured. disease, cervical abrasion mild displacement (determined effect is a production effect); 1 example is a patient with bacterial vaginosis, cervical vaginitis, severe cervical abrasion. After 6 days of treatment, symptoms were clearly improved, and bacterial vaginosis cured, Candida infection is cloudy, cervical congestion is rare; In addition, there is a common patient with co-infection of trichomonal vaginitis and sepsis (Mycoplasma); After 6 days,

(d) react inappropriately

2 patients regularly reported vulvar itching, no abnormalities were detected after discontinuation of use.

7. Discussion

(a) The effective composition of the silver nanometer antibiotic gel for women can be widely imitated in terms of antibiotics, many pathogens such as antibacterial, fungal, infusorian are effective. prevent or destroy. After the patient generally used 6 gels, the vulvar itching or causative pain sensation was clearly better, the discharge decreased, and the abnormal taste disappeared. After treatment, check again, and many vaginitis are effectively treated. The cure rate is 80.9%, the total effective rate is 95.7%.

(b) nano silver has the effect of promoting and regenerative tissue repair. Nano silver gel has obvious therapeutic effect on cervicitis, especially simple cervical abrasion caused by infectious agent. obviously to improve, the trachea is reduced, and the secretions are reduced, and help to make the second or further course of natural disease.

(c) can cause a pathogenic infection in which vaginal ecological conditions change, weaken the local defense function, cause secondary infection of another pathogen, this time is the only with the best efficacy of a single drug Under the action study, patients of 3 routine, single, mixed vaginal infections with antibacterial gel for women’s external use nano silver, through treatment course 6 days treatment, patients are cured or clearly improved, multi-pathogen is all. turned out to be cloudy.

Urinary tract infections according to the silver nano gel treatment option

Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital from 1st to 3rd March 2004, applied urogenital tract infections 60 examples in the treatment of silver nano gel for women of option one, the treatment effect is summarized as follows: after:

Case selection, diagnostic criteria and treatment methods

(a) selected case:

Selected in the case of a patient with a urinary tract infection from the following 60 examples that the outpatient did not come to the clinic at random, cervical abrasion 30 examples, of which, vaginitis (disease) 30 examples example. 48 years old.

(b) diagnostic criteria for cervical abrasion:

Mild corn wall rot: the scratched surface of the cervix is ​​less than 1/3 of the total uterine area of ​​the cervix.

Moderate abrasion: cervical abrasion occupies 1/2 ~ 2/3 of the total cervical area.

Severe abrasion: the surface of the cervix is ​​larger than two-thirds of the total area of ​​the cervix.

Depth of rot by area of ​​corn is divided into: simple type, granular, mastoid process type.

(c) diagnostic criteria (disease) of vaginitis:

Vaginitis: vulvar itching, leech nests growing in the amount of pea slag or viscous specimens, Candida microscopy is positive.

Trichomonal vaginitis: vulvar pruritus, papules in the amount of yellow foam samples, three-dot microscopic vaginoscopy positive for vaginitis.

Bacterial vaginosis: vulvar pruritus, overgrowth of fungi with fishy odor, positive leucorrhea diluent amine test (a positive rapid marker for bacterial vaginosis).

(d) Therapeutic methods:

After cleaning the genital area before the experimenter slept every night, with silver nano gel was pushed deep into the vagina to get the gel device (required for interview Figure 1), 1 time per night, 6 days as a course of treatment. voluntary treatment. for 3 to 7 days, including a symptom, sign, and lab check.

Criteria for evaluating therapeutic effects

(a) cervical abrasion

Post-disease recovery: the symptoms and signs disappear, and the corn face rot disappears, and the cervix is ​​smooth.

Production efficiency: symptoms and signs were clearly reduced, and rot for maize reduced the area by 1/2, and severe changed to moderate to and moderate to mild.

Efficacy: symptoms and signs are partially reduced, and rot in maize is reduced to < 1/2, or mastoid transition to granules and granules to simple transformation.

Invalid: symptoms and signs are absent and less rotting for the corn side does not change.

Effective percentage = (cure + effect + effect) / number of usual treatments * 100%.

(b) vaginitis (disease)

Post-disease recovery: symptoms and signs disappear, and leucorrhea decreases and microscopic pathogens (or amine tests) female sex.

Produce effects: symptoms and signs are clearly alleviated, and haemorrhagic disease is reduced and pathogenic microflora (or amine test) female sex.

Let’s do it better: symptoms and signs are somewhat relieved, leucorrhea microscopic pathogen (or amine test) positive.

Invalid: symptoms and signs absent and attenuated by positive leucorrhea microscopy (or amine test).

Effective percentage = (cure + produce effect) / number of usual treatment * 100%.


(a) the results of treatment of cervical abrasion: in 30 examples of patients with cervical necrosis, 18 cases were mild, the effective percentage was 94%; Average of 10 examples, the effective percentage is 70%; 2 severe examples, 1 effective example The total effectiveness rate of cervical erosion treatment is 83%.

(b) treatment results (disease) vaginitis: among 30 patients (disease) of routine vaginitis, 16 patients with vaginitis, the effective rate is 88%; Burn 6 examples in the infusorian property line, the efficiency rate is 100%; 8 examples of bacterial vaginosis, the effectiveness rate is 88%. The total effective rate is 90% for vaginitis (disease) treatment, see table 4 for details.

Other results: deep level with cervical abrasion was observed to have a therapeutic effect, giving the best simple type treatment effect; In addition, there are 5 patients who regularly come to confirm the treatment during the period of vaginal discharge with a little discharge like coffee, but uncomfortable as the vagina has no excitement.

The invention is detailed and illustrated so that people who are familiar with the technology can make and use it, any alterations, all changes must be made so as not to violate the spirit of the invention and modification scope.

Those who are familiar with the technology can very quickly find that it is only necessary for the present invention to easily achieve the goal and obtain the results and advantages described here. representational representation, not really wanting to limit the scope of the invention. Persons with common skill in this area will expect the invention to be modified and for other purposes, and all such modifications should be incorporated into the spirit of the invention and limited to the extent of the invention. request.

People of ordinary skill in the field of art clearly find it easy not to break the spirit of the present invention and the extent to which the present invention is changed and modified.

All of the patents described and published are the usual techniques relevant to patents in this field. The patent to which this description is referred may illustrate the level of skill acquired by technical personnel familiar with the relevant area of ​​the invention when publishing an article.

Drawings accompanying inventions as described herein may be made without any material or material restrictions, and the person to whom the disclosure is not specified is this document.

Use these nouns and remove any part shown in and equivalent of a description or partial Feature thereof, still possible in the patent claim but think changes different modified. this invention, but persons with ordinary skill in the field may be correct in the conception and alterations expressed therein, and these alterations are modified and alterations must be within the of the additional requirements of the invention.

Reference source: Patent CN1765369A


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